“Olive Oil” (I love you) Peplum

Give love, receive love, and invest in love.
LOVE: It’s the greatest force in the universe. It’s a treasure that people would give anything for, yet it costs nothing to give and receive. There is an endless supply, and it can be extended to family, friends and strangers at any moment. It increases positivity and acts like a shield against negativity. It forgives, heals, encourages and inspires.






Top: Forever 21

Bottom : Gojane


Necklace and earring:


Shoe: http://www.shoppopulher.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=77

12 thoughts on ““Olive Oil” (I love you) Peplum

  1. I love it !! I looked for the top on forever21 but i cant find it 😦 I guess they dont have them anymore :/

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